Your holiday in Trentino, in the mountains of Alpe Cimbra

(1.170 m asl) - 71.6 km²

Intense days in the sun and in the open air, among meadows, streams and lush forests. In the evening the colorful lights illuminate the vibrant nightlife.
This is the village Folgaria, one of the oldest communities in Trentino.

Its origins are German-Cimbrian (Bavarian settlers came here since the 13th century) and, during its multi-century history, it fought hard against feudal power (in particular against the Trapp Family, feudalist of Castel Beseno) in defense of his privileges of a free and independent community: this is why it still honors the honorary title of Magnificent Community.

The emblem of Folgaria consists of three fir trees lined up in an oval shield. They represent the forest, the ancient collective wealth of the community.

Its peculiarity is the center of the village: a long pedestrian boulevard full of shops, bars, pastries, restaurants where you can buy typical products and taste the food and wine delicacies of the Trentino gastronomy.

Folgaria is a renowned tourist resort, well equipped for the summer vacation and for a holiday on the snow. In summer, the Folgaria Golf Club with its 18-hole golf course at 1200 m of altitude and the Bike Area represent the real paradise for sport lovers. In winter, the Ski Area Alpe Cimbra offers skiers more than 100 km slopes for alpine skiing and over 100 km for Nordic skiing.

The suburbs of Folgaria are seven: Costa, Serrada, Guardia, Mezzomonte, San Sebastiano, Carbonare e Nosellari.

Restaurants and bars

From traditional Trentino dishes to the most sophisticated gourmet in restaurants, huts and shelters.

Enjoy your meal!


Shopping in Folgaria, in this beautiful and original center at high altitude, becomes a rewarding experience!

Places to see

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Consorzio Voglia di Folgaria

Events in the center of Folgaria


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