Family Emotions

“Family Emotions” is the name of the activities offered by our Family Hotels and Residences here on the Alpe Cimbra. An initiative that has been created to entertain children and families by giving parents the opportunity to enjoy some free time.
An exclusive, creative and stimulating program that changes day by day, many kid-friendly activities designed for adventurous children and families who love the mountains.
Snowshoe excursions and walks in the snow can be done in Winter, not to mention the rich evening entertainment offered by the structures.
In the summer, many are the activities, the excursions and the theme trails that are specifically thought for children: a few examples are the mouth-watering Tour of the “Malghe” (mountain huts) that includes local food tasting, the refreshing Path of Water among bridges and water mills, or the night Lantern Walk around the biotope.