Snowshoeing in the nature is an unforgettable experience.
The only noise breaking the silence is that of snowshoes treading on the immaculate blanket of snow.

This is not just a sport but an adventure for everyone, to be practiced on your own, following the marked trails or in a group, together with alpine guides or ski instructors.

Excursions at night among the silent moonlit woods is even more suggestive. You can even stop in the mountain huts on your way for a dinner or a snack.

Try all this, better after a fresh snowfall.

The Ski Schools organize beautiful snowshoes trips during the winter season. Contact them and find out the programm.

If you want to climb in the heights of the mountains, we suggest you to get in touch with the Alpine guides (Mario Martinelli +39 339 8163266 - Paolo Baldo +39 338 9410400)