ItaSnow insurance policy

With the n°40/2001 legislative decree, implementing Law n°86/2019 (safety measures concerning winter sport disciplines), as of January 1st, 2022 it is MANDATORY for all skiers to be covered by THIRD-PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE.
The law requires all skiers to have Third Party Liability insurance coverage for claims of damage or injury to third parties.

The ITASnow policy lets you enjoy yourself on the slopes with complete peace of mind for just €3.00 a day! Buy it with your skipass on or ask for it at ticket offices before your skipass is issued.

ITASnow provides you with third-party liability cover that compensates you for any damages you might involuntarily cause to third parties during athletic activity and in the event of an accident.
It will reimburse you for medical and rescue expenses in the event of a claim. Additional expenses are reimbursed in the case of multi-day ski passes, with a minimum of three consecutive days, and season passes:
•reimbursement of ski pass not used due to injury
•reimbursement of ski equipment rental due to injury
•reimbursement of ski lessons not used due to injury
•reimbursement of ski pass not used to adverse weather conditions

For further details on the cover and how to file a claim, read the informational brochure.

The insurance policy is valid solely in the case of slope rescue intervention at the scene of the accident.
Keep your ski pass: it is proof of purchase of the cover.

ITASnow is an ITAS Mutua product.


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