San Sebastiano

1280 m s. l. m.

The origins of San Sebastiano are very ancient and refer to the first Cimbrian presences of the alp. The village, lying on the south-eastern side of Mount Cornetto, is pleasantly exposed to the south.
Overlooking a balcony on the upper Astico valley, San Sebastiano offers a wide panorama of Lavarone and Lusérn.

It was once known to be a land of shepherds who practiced long transhumances in winter.

San Sebastiano is a summer and winter tourist resort: it has 2 to 3 star hotels and various private apartments.

To be seen
The Cimbri villages of Tézzeli and Perprùneri, the village of Cùeli, the hydraulic sawmill of the Mèin, the calchera (furnace for the production of lime) on the Astico torrent, the extensive forest of Grimen eForte Cherle, the third of the Austro-Hungarian fortresses (war 1914 - 1918).