1102 m

The ancient town is located near the Astico stream, in the Oltresommo, hidden from view but easily accessible along the comfortable asphalt road that branches off from the Statale 350 just downstream of San Sebastiano.
In ancient German-Cimbrian language it was called Kan Chuil, indicating the place where the prevailing surname was, and still is, Cùel.

The farm also has a separate part, divided by the Vespenpoch river, called Lìberi, deriving from the surname Liber.

What characterizes the town is the beauty of the place and the presence of the Cuel Mill, an ancient water mill which was also associated with a bakery.

Transformed into a museum layout, the mill can be visited by reservation (Info 349 7153679 Lucia Cuel - 338 3123344 Leonarda Cuel) as it is the point of interest of the Water Path, the beautiful thematic path that starts from Piazza di Carbonare and reaches Cùeli accompanying for a long stretch the course of the Astico stream.

Cùeli is therefore interested in the Water Path and the long route of the Giro della Sper. He is also interested in the Carbonare - Cùeli (825) and 100 Km dei Forti (841/842) mountain bike trails.