Genuine Temptations of Alpe Cimbra

It is difficult to stand up to temptations, when are genuine! What matters most, beyond friendship and the pleasure to stay all together, is the taste that only typical products are able to offer.
From Vézzena cheese to cornmeal mush, from the scented speck to the salted meat, delicious mushroom, Cimbrian cuisine, strudel and zelten… and finally with the pure mountain honey to whom is dedicated a museum!

A local gastronomic speciality is the potatoes mush. Once you obtain the mush, you have to cook direct on fire with the add of butter, chopped onion, grated Vézzena until the dough is dip in egg, which should be served with baked meats and gravy. Potatoes mush is very well matched with another typical dish of Alpe Cimbra: il Tonco del Pontesel, a stew of mixed meats and sausage, many years ago it was rested on windowsill (in our dialect the “Pontesel” is the windowsill).

Unmistakable is the speck, a natural product, handcrafted by true experts of the preparation and smoke flavouring. Typical of Alpe Cimbra are also Landjager and Krainer: the first are little delicate meat salami, they have a complicated handmade and the particularity is that they are seasoned with red wine; the second are a delight for the palate with their dough of cheese and meet.

Lusérn, Cimbrian oasis of Germany derivation, maintain also in the cuisine the ancient traditions: the Kaiserschmarren, big crêpes fry in butter and served very warm, with on top some marmalade, usually of blueberry, or simply consumed with sugar.

Apples, pears, cherries, small fruits, potatoes, vegetables, corn, chestnuts and honey are the main ingredients of tasty recipes, compotes, jam, cakes and salads! On the Vigolana Plateau a simple and tasty cuisine but at the same time modern and faithful to tradition!

You can taste all these deliciousness in the restaurants of Folgaria, Lavarone, Lùsern and Vigolana!

You can buy these products directly from the producer or in the shops of Folgaria.