Nordic Skiing

Slipping on the snow, skis on your feet, pushing hard with the sticks.
It is an art, it is a sports discipline, it is Nordic skiing!
In the past this discipline was considered to be the "son" of alpine skiing, but over time, it has fascinated loads of followers and top-level agonists.

Thanks to its orographic structure, Alpe Cimbra is truly the "perfect magic place" for the practice of "cross-country skiing".

Wide snow-covered grazing lands surrounded by majestic fir forests lead beginners and experienced skier through the most hidden and fascinating corners of pure alpine nature. Muscles move in unison with mind and heart, physical effort is inevitable but it’s worth the hassle!


Super Nordic Skipass: € 120,00

Daily skipass: € 8,00

Children up to 10 years old: Free