Forest Bathing


The Japanese call it Shinrin-yoku, but we know it as Forest-bathing.
It is very simple: the impetuous nature, the chromatic effect of different seasons (from emerald green and yellow or orange of autumn to the pure white of snow on the trees), the silence of the forest, the sounds created by wind…they create a magical atmosphere making everything disappear! Stress, frenzy and chaos.
Can you even imagine a bathtub full of soap lather? The bathtub is represented by the forest of Alpe Cimbra while leaves of beech trees, pine needles and the warmth of the water symbolize the soap lather.

The right recipe? Forget mobile phones, i-pad and technological watches and let yourself be conquered by the beauty of the nature.

According to the experts, you can get the best benefits taking a walk of 4 hours through the forest (at least 5 km of walking), alternating it with some breaks along the path.

If you are wondering which would be the best time to immerse yourself into the pure nature, take your suitcase always packed, ready to go! From April to June the forest wakes up slowly and from June to September the wood gives off energy and, during the winter, when trees are covered by snow and sounds are delicate, is the best time to discover our primordial sensations, that magical atmosphere that takes you back to our childhood.

No matter which season you prefer, let’s hug some huge firs! They will give you energy, strength and copious emotions. A real natural detox.

For discovering all the benefits of forest bathing, on Alpe Cimbra you can explore two particular paths: the path “Sentiero dei Giganti” that leads to the discovery of the forest giants and the path of the ”Respiro degli Alberi”.

A blooming forest full of silver firs of unusual dimension, due to the particular microclimate of the area, is the starting point of the path of the forest giants. Here you will find majestic plants that reach more than 50 m of height, with very long branches and a huge circumference of the trunk.

The path starts in Malga Laghetto, where there was the “Avez del Prinzep” (“avez” means silver fir), considered the highest silver fir of Europe (54m). After 250 years, it fell down on 12 November 2017 due to a strong windstorm. The walking tour continues later in the wide forest above the valley of Rio Torto. Especially the short and middle path are perfect for families with children (+6 years old).

In the thematic path called “Respiro degli Alberi”, nature is intertwined with art and fantasy where an explosion of creations are located in the middle of the forest.
“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven” sad Rabindranath Tagore. Trees are silent guardians of life and they represent the central theme of single works: trees are the basic element of life.

Breathing is life and every single tree breathes. You can hear it during your walk along the path of the “Respiro degli Alberi” in order to discover, observe, know and let yourself be inspired. A poetical location where nature comes alive.

The path is located in Tomazol, in Lavarone. It develops mainly on dirt road. It is a perfect walking route and horse-riding path, practicable with MTB or strollers too. During wintertime, you can do it with snowshoes.
Length of the path: 2,4 km to go and 2,4 km to come back. Vertical drop: 116 m.