1326 m

The Cimbri ancestors called the locality Kan Pampanar.
The name, however, is Perprùneri, also deriving from the ancient German idiom with the meaning of 'bear source'.

This in memory of the distant times when the plantigrade of the Alps also inhabited these territories widely.

The bear no longer wanders among the ancient houses of the farm, houses of lumberjacks and shepherds who have challenged the wear and tear of time and who have maintained the characteristics of their origins.

Located near the Passo del Sommo (1343 m), Perpùneri offers a spectacular panoramic view of the upper Astico valley, the built-up area of ​​San Sebastiano, on the southern slope of Monte Cornetto and, towards the east, on the Cherle hill in top to which you can clearly see the namesake Forte (Werk Sebastiano), witness of the Great War (1914-1918).

Perprùneri is easily reachable from the Sommo Pass along a comfortable asphalted road.

He is touched by the walk of the Giro delle Telder and the 100 km mtb routes of the Forti (841/842), San Sebastiano - Tézzeli (823) and Oltresommo Bike Tour (847) pass through it.