1000 m s. l. m.

It is located on the edge of the wide grassy plateau overlooking the upper Astico valley, favorably exposed to the south.
The town, born from the natural expansion of various ancient Cimbri farms, is traditionally known for its expert and skilled stonemasons and miners who worked between the 18th and 20th centuries on construction sites and in tunnels in half of Europe.

Nosellari is a summer and winter tourist resort: it has private apartments, shops and a sports area.

The church dedicated to S. Anna and the deep natural split of the Lunt; not far away you can visit the characteristic village of Piccoli and the deep Còvelo di Rio Malo, a natural cave, an ancient customs collection center on the "Imperiala" road.

Nosellari is a few minutes by car from the Lavarone lake, which can also be reached on foot.