Pra' di Sopra

1104 m

In the middle southern of Mount Rust, just upstream of the village of Nosellari, the small village of Pra 'di Sopra was once known as Oberwiesen, Oberbisen in the Cimbrian form, which in German means' meadows above'.
It is not by chance therefore that the surname originated on the spot is Oberbizer, which means 'he who lives in Pra' di Sopra

The excellent southern exposure, the beauty of the place and the proximity to Lake Lavarone have allowed, since the seventies of the last century, the tourist development of the resort, which, however, in its historical part has kept its size almost unchanged rural.

On the side of the small car park there is the church dedicated to the Sacra Famiglia, heir of an ancient capital dedicated to San Rocco, the protector of the plague victims, demolished in the mid-nineteenth century in order to enlarge the roadway.

Some promenades pass through Pra ' di Sopra.
Two that start from Nosellari, that is the Oberwiesen Giro and the Giro del lago and two that start from Carbonare: the Giro del Rust and the Giro del diaol. There are also the 100 km mtb routes of the Forti (841/842/843) and Lavarone Bike Tour (832).