Typical Products

On the Alpe Cimbra local products really have the “flavour of the past”. It is because still today they are produced using ancestros’ recipes and techniques of cultivation.
Marisa from the Farm Soto al Croz, Armando of maso Engher, Diego from the Farm Lenzi know by name their cows: they let them free to graze and with their milk they produce first of all Cheese Vezzena, excellence of the Alpe, but also Tosella, the fresco di malga and caciotte.

Nicola and his family, in the Cappelletti Butcher's shop, produce Speck since 1898, with the same unchanged flavors of the secolar tradition. A speck with an intense aroma that melts in the mouth but also fresh meats, hams with herbs, Cotto Cimbro, Trentino sausages, all processed following the ancient family recipes with the addition of the aromas of the Cimbrian mountains.

At the Lenzi Farm they cultivate potatoes, striclty biological. They won’t have a perfect shape but the taste is surely pleasant, also thanks to the suitable land adapted to this product.
After having prepared the typical polenta of potatoes, you can bring some slices with you for a tasty picnic on our alps.

What do you think about adding also rainbow eggs, exclusive specialities of the Alpe Cimbra? They can be light blue, pink, brown because hens are feeded with the serum of goats’ milk, that makes the eggs colorful but also makes them unique in taste and consistency. Always in Maso guez special cheeses of goats are produced.

Have you ever tried to match cheese and mountain honey? This is incredible! You can buy ita t the House of Honey where Fabia can teach you how to appreciate these matches while at the Museum of Honey in Lavarone, Amelio will bring you in a journey to the world of bees.

Don’t forget to buy a traditional strudel, striclty made with apples of Trentino!

Birra Barbaforte

The project of the beer Barbaforte combines the passion of beer tasting with its production.

Goat’s Products

Goat cheeses are dairy products with high dietary value, rich in nutritious like calcium, phosphorus, proteins and fats.

Mountain Potatoes

The cultivation of mountain potatoes of the Alpe Cimbra in the farm Lenzi assurances top-quality products.

The farm guarantees the richness of the ...

Rainbow Eggs

Maso Guez and the Rainbow Eggs

Speck since 1898

Passion and skills are the key words defining the daily selection process of the best-bred Trentino meats led by historical partners operating in this sector since 1898.

The production in the delicatessen is still based ...