Pet Friendly on the road

You might want to check this list to make sure everything is ready
Before your departure

  • Your pet’s health card and/or certificate of ownership
  • Antiparasitic and prior veterinary examination
  • Your pet’s medicines and medical record; its insurance as well if possible
  • Microchip
  • Full vaccination plan
  • Plate with your name and phone number and a recent picture of your pet in case it goes missing
  • Specific pet food in case your pet has got any intolerances/allergies (availability is very limited in the area)
  • Scoop and hygienic bags, bowls, cat litter, medicines, collar, harness, leash, muzzle, sleep time- and hygiene items, waxed jacket and coat, and your pet’s favorite toys to help make it comfortable
  • Bear in mind that the anti-rabies vaccination is NOT mandatory
  • It’s essential that we keep places clean: remember to always have some hygienic bags with you.

While on holiday

  • It is mandatory to keep your dog on a leash both in the woodland and in urban areas
  • Whether it’s summer or winter, pay attention to heat strokes/cold snaps
  • Leaving your pet in the car can be dangerous if not deadly
  • In case of viper bites, call the nearest veterinary clinic. If your dog gets stung by any insect, watch out for possible allergic reactions and act consequently
  • Have some water available at any time
  • Protect your dog’s paws in winter to avoid cracking and bruises
  • Check your pet’s fur and brush it as soon as you go back to your accommodation: ticks can be dangerous
  • Use a proper antiparasitic before
  • Remember to clean after your dog’s excrement, especially in pastures: the cattle might get infected
  • Please do not let your dog run after deers, hares, or any other wild animal
  • Do not let your dog swim in the biotope or in the lake
  • In case your dog goes missing, call the local police (+39 0464452110)
  • Only small sized dogs are allowed on public transportation. Muzzle and leash are both mandatory