Ice Skating

Pure fun for the whole family.
​Indoor ice rink in Folgaria

What are you waiting for? Put on the ice skates and…go! In the big indoor ice skating rink in Folgaria little and grownup skaters will be unleashed,  the more experienced will be able to indulge in twists and turns, beginners will experience the pleasure of a new experience to discover.


​Skating - Lavarone
If you love winter landscapes, snowy mountains and be in the open air, skating at Lake Lavarone is for you.

The beauty of nature, the surrounding snowy woods, the tranquility they transmit, will accompany you to enjoy unforgettable days on the open ice plate, located a few steps from the frozen mirror of Lake Lavarone.

With the arrival of the cold season, the coming of Christmas holidays, it creates the right atmosphere to try this fantastic sport.

Ice skating is a unique, exciting, exciting experience.

Adults children, professionals and amateurs ... everyone will find the right space for a few hours of pure fun in a context of touching beauty.

Info and rates:
tel. +39 0464 783139