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Emotions all year round


New feelings all year round.

Let’s call it the red thread of the Alpe Cimbra, located in a breathtaking natural frame in South-East Trentino, near the Veneto region, where spring blossoms with hundreds of opportunities for both young and old.
A true paradise to enjoy nature, history, and flavors of the alpine pasture of Folgaria, Lavarone, Lusérn – namely one of Italy’s most beautiful villages – and the Vigolana Plateau: pristine places of timeless beauty, where each activity arouses new emotions.

Moreover, the Alpe Cimbra is the Alpine Pearl of the Trentino region, aiming at sustainability: trekking, cycling, and walking orienteering are just some of the dozens of environmentally friendly activities of our territory.


Dedicated to those who love the outdoors, the pure, fresh mountain air; dedicated to bike-lovers, families, and to those who are always off to the discovery of new places in the world.
The bike routes on the Alpe Cimbra sit at an altitude between 1000 and 1850 meters and unwind through marvelous landscapes.
At this altitude, bike enthusiasts can enjoy routes suitable for all fitness levels and bicycles. MTB lovers will find dirt trails, meadows, and forests, from the 60km of the Vigolana to the 100km of the Forts, from the Cimbrian cycle-pedestrian trail to the infinite number of routes that lead to the most suggestive settings of this land: routes from the lake to the mountains, the Lafraun Tour, the Marzola Tour, or the Mountain Huts Tour.
For an adrenaline rush, challenge yourself in the Bike Parks of Lavarone or Folgaria: many are the activities that can be done safely by everyone, even by the little ones or those who are not familiar with the two wheels and might prefer to rent an e-bike!

Springtime means good weather: take a break at Lake Lavarone. With a surface of 64000 square meters and a depth of 17 meters, with its crystal-clear waters and mild climate, it turns out to be the perfect choice for a walk along its shores or to go canoeing.
Other activities such as golf, trekking, climbing, and horse riding are not to be missed!


There are a few places that can tell the history of the land…and the Alpe Cimbra is one of them! Starting from the 7 Emperor’s Big Fortresses, Fort Cima Vezzena, Fort Busa Verle, Fort Lusérn, Fort Gschwent Belvedere, Fort Cherle, Fort Sommo Alto, Fort Dosso del Sommo, and then Base Tuono, a unique missile base that narrates the stories of the Cold War with its missiles aimed at the sky, the hangars and underground bunkers, the tanks and radars evoking the tension between East and West in the world.

Art lovers will certainly be keen on Guardia, namely the "Painted village", with its murals on the facades of the houses, that testify the numerous mural-art exhibitions housed by the village from 1988.
Worthy of mention is also the Beata Maria Vergine del Feles Sanctuary, which is a small, subsidiary church of Bosentino from the XV century located in Altopiano della Vigolana.

The journey through the Alpe Cimbra goes forward and dives into the traditions of a land with a thousand-year history and the Cimbrian language, which is still spoken in Lusérn.


The culinary traditions of the Alpe Cimbra allow tourists and visitors to experience the joy of eating according to nature.
A true journey through the genuine products made by local producers and brought on the tables of mountain huts, hotels, alpine pastures, and restaurants. Butter and cheese varieties, mouthwatering honey, berries, chestnuts of Centa, fragrant speck…and many other local delicacies.

Blog by Ginevra Capobianco (Filo Green - the environmentally sustainable Northeast)
Photos by Camilla Pizzini
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