Forte Sommo Alto

Zwischenwerk Sommo
Called “Zwischenwerk Sommo”, Forte Sommo Alto was built on the upland with the same name, between 1911 and 1914, 1613 m above sea level.

The fort is divided in 3 floors, armed with two 10cm howitzers in a reinforced dome and an observatory tower. It was furnished with 18 machine gun posts for close defence.

Firstly designed to become a fortified barrack, it was turned into a fortress during the construction.

An embankment rather than a trench safeguarded it. The embankment monitored the val Orsara and Passo Coe together with Forte Dosso delle Somme.
Forte Sommo Alto was armoured with four emplacement accessible through underground tunnels, still walkable.

How to get to Forte Sommo Alto

From Passo Sommo follow the ex-military road to Rifugio Stella d’Italia. The fort is located on the upland surrounding the mountain hut.

Length: 4.4km
Difference in height: 320m. Medium/easy
Time: 3.3 hours (round). Children +6 years old
Shorter ways: by chairlift from Francolini to Rifugio Stella d’Italia
Walking from Camini crossroad (Paso Coe)