The Terrace on Caldonazzo Lake

We officially welcome the Vigolana territory that from January 1, 2021 has become part of Alpe Cimbra. From now on we will guide you to the discovery of the excellences of this land hanging between the high mountains and the beautiful lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico. The Vigolana Plateau is perfect for a slow holiday, in the spirit of tradition, of genuine relationship with nature, and marked by the slow flow of the waters of Centa stream. The Vigolana Plateau is composed of the areas of Centa San Nicolò, Bosentino, Vigolo Vattaro and Vattaro. Uncontaminated places, where time passes slowly and the work of the land plays a fundamental role.
There are many KM0 products that can be tasted and discovered in this part of Trentino. From farms that produce honey, candles made from beeswax, and medicinal plants to grappa distilleries and wineries. The small fruits plantation plays an important role in its economy: blackberries, raspberries, vegetables, blueberries, strawberries, chestnuts... aiming at a traditional processing, a sustainable and organic agriculture in total respect of nature.
"A vacation full of nature, wellness and relax"
An area that offers a lot for outdoor sports lover: from trekking to biking - well connected to the Alpe Cimbra trail network -, to horseback riding. There are two mountains that border the Vigolana Plateau, the southern branch of the Dolomites, the Vigolana and the Marzola, both of which offer trekking routes but with a different approach. The Vigolana massif with its high, rocky and rugged peaks offers routes for expert hikers and breathtaking landscapes. The Marzola, with its sweetness and roundness, offers a valid alternative for those who do not want to overdo it. The view is unique: overlooking Caldonazzo Lake.
It’s interesting to discover also the history of this territory linked to the Great War and to its religious monuments. In these meadows we see the testimony of the past through the Austro-Hungarian Forts such as Fort Fornass and Fort Brusafer, as well as important religious testimonies. In fact, the Vigolana area is linked to the figure of Saint Pauline, whose birthplace is in Vigolo Vattaro. She was the first Saint from Trentino to found a congregation of nuns called “The Little Sisters of the Immaculate Conception”.