Forte Dosso delle Somme

Werk Serrada
Built between 1911 and 1914 at 1670m above sea level, Forte Dosso delle Somme (Werk Serrada for the Austrians), overlooks Val di Terragnolo.

It used to monitor the access to Passo della Borcola, from where the Italian troops could reach the city of Rovereto.

Armed with four 10 cm howitzers in a rotatable reinforced dome, two 6 cm light guns and 22 machine guns posts, it was the most modern and imposing among the seven fortress located on the plateau.

Even though the fortress was bombed repeatedly, it was only damaged and never destroyed. In 1936, the covering was demolished to recuperate the iron grinders.

How to get to Forte Dosse delle Somme:
From Serrada: from the square follow the signs through the ex-military road that will lead to the fort.

Difference in height: 500m. Medium/difficult
Children: +8 years old
Time to ascent: 1.30 hours
Shorter ways: by chairlift from Serrada to Rifugio Baita Tonda, then walking. From Fondo Piccolo (parking) about 40 minutes.