Forte Cherle (Forts Cherle)

Werk Sebastiano
Forts Cherle was built between 1910 and 1913 on the upland with the same name, at 1445 m above sea level.

Austrians used to call it Werk Sebastiano, the same name of the village situated on the other side of the valley, so not to confuse it with Forte Busa Verle.

It was armoured with four 10 cm howitzers in reinforce domes, two howitzers in the casemate and 18 machine gun posts.

Together with Forte Belvedere - Gschwent it controlled the “valle dell’Astico” and blocked the entrance to Fiorentini.

It underwent several bombings, but it was never directly attacked.

In 1936, the coverage was reduced and turned into a mass of ruins. It is still possible to visit some parts inside.

On the top of the coverage, you can enjoy a broad view on Lavarone, Lusérn and Cima Vezzena.

How to get there
From Passo del Sommo: follow the road to Fiorentini up to hotel Cherle (about 8 km).
From the hotel follow the signs.
The walk to the fortress is about 500 m, easy and for everyone.
Nearby you can visit the ex-cemetery, Scala dell’Imperatore (the Stairs of the Emperor) and the ruins of the old hospital of Val Fredda.