697 m. s.l.m

Located on the slopes of Doss del Bue at 697 m a.s.l., Vattaro is composed of five neighborhoods full of historic buildings such as the Bortolazzi Palace; it still has its original cylindrical tower and set of embrasures, and contains frescoes of country life by Erasmo Antonio Obermüller (the “Pistolese”).
Originally a town of farmers, Vattaro was also home of the “caradori” or carters who would travel from Trento to Feltre to sell their farm products and lumber.
The antique customs station still found on the old road leading to Centa is evidence of these trips.
Also located in the territory of Vattaro is
Pian dei Pradi, a town that was created from a single farmstead extending over a magnificent clearing of meadows that is surrounded by woods.