Walking Orienteering on the Alpe Cimbra for little explorers!

A unique sport, in contact with nature and for everyone


Walking Orienteering can be enjoyed by people of all ages, children included. This discipline is, indeed, a popular activity in schools and among young people.

It is an outdoor sport for children and, as such, it needs to be fun and engaging in order to be suitable for all skill levels and age groups. Junior orienteers can join training courses that feature activities such as looking for the little flags in a playground or in the woods, using the compass, reading the maps and navigating on pre-established trails.

Walking Orienteering helps children develop sense of direction, knowledge of the natural features, problem-solving skills, physical and mental resistance, cooperation and team work.

So, in short, Walking Orienteering is a fun, stimulating activity for children of all ages!

If you happen to be on holiday in Trentino and would like to give it a try, ask Scie di Passione Ski School and its instructors! They are experienced and are ready to help you enjoy this beautiful sport!

There are 4 different routes on the Alpe Cimbra. Download the maps at this link.

What are you waiting for? Come and try Walking Orienteering!

You can also get the maps (which you can also download from the website www.alpecimbra.it) and compass at the tourist offices in Folgaria, Lavarone and Vigolana. Those who prove that they have completed all trails receive a nice gift!
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