The Alpe Cimbra’s Pantry

The pantry of genuine flavours
What’s in the pantry? Everything that can arise from the creativity of the skilled chefs who, through skilful alchemy, transform the genuine products of the Alps into delicious dishes.

In the land of alpine pastures and freshly milked milk - the white gold of Alpe Cimbra -, meat processed according to the ancient dictates, honey and honeydew, vegetables grown as thousand years ago, traditional sweets and organic fruit, the secrets of the mountain pantries come alive again.
Centa San Nicolò

An activity handed down from father to son, because the cultivation of chestnuts is a factor of identity and at the same time of preservation of the woods. The chestnuts of Centa San Nicolò are P.D.O. “il Marone Trentino”.
Speck since 1898
Antica Macelleria Cappelletti, Folgaria

In the Cappelletti butcher’s shop, speck has been produced since 1898, keeping unchanged the flavours of the ancient tradition. A speck with an intense flavour worked with ancient recipes and a lot of passion.
Casa del miele, Folgaria
Casa e museo del miele, Lavarone

Many varieties of honey are produced on Alpe Cimbra, each one with particular aroma and beneficial effects for the body: from the most famous millefiori honey, to acacia honey (with a floral scent) to high mountain honey ideal for those who suffer from bronchitis, asthma and high blood pressure.
Craft beer
Birrificio Barbaforte, Folgaria

Barbaforte is a craft brewery at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level that uses first quality products, carefully choosing water, never filtering, never pasteurizing and with the addition of hops gives life to a beer full of complex aromas and perfumes.
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