“Sentiero Cimbro dell’Immaginario”, walking between traditions and legends by montagnadiviaggi.it

Let’s see the things in order. The starting point of the path is the centre of Luserna near the Haus von Pruekk – a House Museum. From here I follow Via Cima Nora, passing near the Agritur Galeno, and I find myself in front of a small gate with the signs for various paths: straight ahead we continue for the trekking “Dalle Storie alla Storia”, on the right, instead, begins the “Sentiero dell’Immaginario Cimbro”.
Few meters later the path becomes a small way with suggestive views on Astico Valley. Then it continues along the “Berge von Laitn” meeting first the “Spring of Stutz” and the the one of “Hummarbazzar”.


Along the path there are many signs with the traditional stories of Cimbrian people, such as Frau Pertega.
According to the popular tradition, children are not brought by the stork, but are picked up by Frau Pertega.
This imaginary figures lives in Loch Von Uasan, a cave where she keeps the unborn children, soaking them in small vats.
When a couple wants a baby, they agree with the midwife who is in charge of taking them. She goes to Frau Pertega, stops at the top of the stairs leading to her cave and calls her. Frau Pertega, who recognizes the midwife by her voice, comes out of her cave carrying a child. The midwife must accept the child entrusted to her. Whether it is a boy or a girl. This is just one of many stories that can be discovered while walking along this path. I invite you to read them all!

At this point it starts snowing. A light snow, but in a short time it create a beautiful soft blanket. The path is always wide and never with exposed sections, so you can walk safely even with snow.


Following the path that turns left until the Lukh von Betule.
Here I enter the dense fir woods as far as Pon vo Djiro, where I meet the clearing of the Laghetto del Campo.
Today the pond looks like a big white expanse of snow, a real spectacle!

I leave the lake behind me and continue through the woods to Malga Campo. Here, if you're hungry, I suggest you to take the Vezzena cheese and cold cuts chopping board, really good!
After passing the wide pasture (now completely white), I go down towards Huttn, and return to the centre of Luserna.
Here ends this beautiful excursion suitable for everyone, between nature, history and traditions!
The path of Immaginario Cimbro has an overall development of just over 7 km and overcomes a difference in altitude of just 350 meters to be covered in about 3 hours.

This, however, is only one of the winter hikes that can be done on Alpe Cimbra.