RIVER PARK - Rosspach valley

The RIO CAVALLO stream -in Cimbrian language Rosspach- is an exuberant and lively stream that descends along the valley of the same name and flows into the Adige river.
The path that follows the ancient path of the Rosspach valley, connection between Alpe Cimbra, Castel Beseno and the valley Vallagarina, is in a dense forest of spruces and allows you to imagine the times in which the Magnificent Community of Folgaria was intent on defending its independence from Castel Beseno. Over the centuries, the presence of the impetuous stream has allowed the construction of numerous mills, sawmills and hydraulic workshops that have gradually transformed it into one of the main milling centres of Trentino.
The presence of the stream has favoured the presence of a dense and varied woodland vegetation: the green in summer dominates along the entire path, capturing the gaze of those who cross it and in autumn, it turns into the warmer shades of yellow, orange and of red making the environment even more fascinating.

It is here that the Rosspach River Park will come to life, developing from the Echen Biotope - a protected area - to Calliano: a real hiking, educational, historical-cultural network and above all capable of giving great emotions to those who visit it. The Park will see the installation of crossings and walkways to make it possible and facilitate its use, but safeguarding landscape and environmental compatibility.
Along its path, which will enhance the many points of interest, the most interesting areas are near Mezzomonte, where there are many natural pools, water jumps, rocks, geomorphological paths and some interesting artefacts like the old mills.
The Municipality of Folgaria already started planning the Park in 2020, which will become a distinctive and characterizing element of the Alpe Cimbra tourist offer, enhancing the offer of the Centa River Park.