It is time for Walking Orienteering on the Alpe Cimbra!

To the discovery of an ancient, unique sport on the beautiful Alpe


Walking Orienteering as a discipline (namely “the sport of the woods”) was born in Norway towards the end of the nineteenth century, and became popular in Europe and Italy as well over the last years.

The sport consists of completing a path as quickly as possible by using a compass and a topographic map.
The challenge lies in being able to navigate and touch all intermediate points (lanterns) along the trail in the shortest possible time.

The ideal environment for the practice of such discipline is nature, and the wide forests of the Alpe Cimbra are the perfect feature: Walking Orienteering lovers will surely benefit from the silence and energy of the lush vegetation during their holiday in Trentino!

The discipline combines technical skills with athletic training and mental preparedness.
The pre-requisites to engage in the Walking Orienteering path are:
•Physical resistance;
•Ability to read the map and understand the territory;
•Decision-making capacity;
•Strategy and planning ability.

Walking Orienteering is, indeed, an all-round activity for both body and mind, as well as enhancing Team Building and being particularly suitable for school-related activities, thanks to its educational and interdisciplinary connotation.

​What is, in fact, Walking Orienteering?
Orientwalking (ORW) is the non-competitive counterpart of Orienteering, an experience that creates a deep connection with the surrounding environment and can be practiced all year round.
A new Walking Orienteering Park is opening on the Alpe Cimbra, Trentino, in 2023 with the first permanent routes.

Walking Orienteering is the amateur practice in which the time taken to reach the checkpoints is irrelevant. It is more of an experience in close contact with nature, to do on your own or in group, and challenge your own navigation abilities without losing sight of the surrounding environment, the landscapes, the sounds and smells of the woods.
Do not panic if the sense of direction is not your strong suit: the Alpe Cimbra Orienteering School will help you improve your skills!

What you should wear
First of all, you are going to need comfortable shoes. As for amateurs, no special clothing is required, but light, technical t-shirts and trousers with breathable fabric are recommended, as you generally run and sweat a lot. It is also good to bring a trail-running backpack with you of maximum 5-10 kg of weight or a bottle cage. If it is hot in summer, do not forget to wear hat and sunglasses. Of course, having a compass is mandatory to navigate!

Where to find Walking Orienteering trails on the Alpe Cimbra
The total number of permanent trails dedicated to the discilpine is 4. They are all separate and located around Folgaria, Lavarone, Lusérn, and Vigolana on the Alpe Cimbra.
You can easily download the maps by clicking on the list below or on our website in the Walking Orienteering section.
•The map of the new path in Folgaria, more precisely in Passo Coe near the Botanical Garden, will soon be available for download on our website;
•The map of the path in Lavarone;
•The map of the path in Lusérn;
•The map of the path on the Vigolana Plateau will soon be available on our website.

What are you waiting for? Come on the Alpe Cimbra and try this beautiful experience!

Get your maps and compass by the Alpe Cimbra tourist offices in Folgaria, Lavarone, Lusérn, and Vigolana. Those who prove that they have completed all trails receive a nice gift.

Source: Qui Montagna
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