Walking Orienteering

What is wolkingorienteering?
Orient Walking (ORWis the non-competitive version of orienteering, an experience to be enjoyed throughout the year in close contact with nature. In 2023, the new Walking Orienteering Park will be opened on Alpe Cimbra, with the first permanent trails.
From sport to fun!
Walking orienteering is a non-competitive activity, where the time taken to reach all the check points does not matter. This experience offers the chance to be surrounded by nature, on your own or in a group, and to test your orientation skills while discovering the environment around you, the landscapes and the sounds and smells of the wood.
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Alpe Cimbra becomes a Federal Orienteering Centre

The Italian Orienteering Federation chose Alpe Cimbra as their federal headquarters. The FISO is the only national federation based in Trentino, indicative of the strong bond between this sport and the region: there are 17 associations, 374 athletes, 311 amateurs, 56 instructors and 107 managers, in addition to the other prestigious Italian federations that have chosen Trentino as the location for the retreat of their national teams.
Sergio Anesi, President of the Federation, says: “Trentino is a region particularly suitable for orienteering, also known as the sport of the woods, boasting a natural bond with this sport, renowned for its culture of fair play and zero environmental impact. Indeed, no sports facilities are required: all that is necessary is a map and a compass”.
Alpe Cimbra is the area selected for the federal training camps at all levels, from the Master category athletes looking for an active holiday that respects the environment, with compass and map, to the professionals. Over the last few years, several important events have taken place here: for example the 2014 World Championships, the Italian Championship, the trials for the Italian Cup and the “5 Giorni dei Forti” competition. Above all, two significant international events will be organised here in 2023.

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