Becco di Filadonna - 2150 m

Starting point: Valico della Fricca (altitude 1113 m)
Slope of ascent: NW
Ascent height difference: 1037 m - Total: 2074 m
Ascent time: 2.50 h - Total: 5.00 h
We left Folgaria following the signs 425 and 450, after about ten kilometres we reach our destination. An almost entirely ridge path between rocks and mountain pines often paved with edelweiss. The ridge paths have different peculiarities: they divide sunrise from sunset and day from night and it is like seeing two different worlds.
They are always ventilated which, in summer, is not bad. They seem endless: those peaks in front of you that seem to hold them in your hand, but they become unreachable. And this is beautiful because you realize how small we are in nature. Heavy backpacks today because there is a vertical “tooth” in front of the bivouac that we want to climb. Nothing demanding, but with an exposure worthy of the most spectacular Dolomite peaks.
We reach the bivouac for dinner.
Let’s have dinner under a sky that quickly transforms, giving us all the colours of the visible spectrum until, on a moonless night, it offers us the immensity of the starry sky. The lights of Levico and Caldonazzo reach us by weakly illuminating the wall above us. We lie in the open air in our warm sacks and let ourselves be caressed by the still lukewarm breeze coming up from the valley. In the morning, after a quick coffee we start climbing the small vertical wall in front of the refuge. We are just over two thousand meters and on our left the “Becco di Filadonna” begins to populate with tourists. The sun comes out of Valsugana penetrating the mist curtain. From the Becco the show is great. Below us the Caldonazzo lake looks like an immobile basin.
When we arrive at the cross of the Becco, however, we prefer to leave to appreciate more solitary places. A family of chamois watches us not undisturbed but always alert and attentive to our moves. We return to the Sindech Hut following path 442. There is a thousand metres of difference in height. Stones, pebbles, and then undergrowth and paths.
These Prealps are great.
Other starting points to climb Becco di Filadonna:
• Folgaria Ovest - path SAT425
• Folgaria pinewood area - trail E451
• Folgaria Passo Sommo - forest road and then on the E451 trail
• Sindech - path SAT442