BARBAFORTE - craft beer

30.11.2018 - The Barbaforte brewery opened in Folgaria in June 2018.

“During the boiling stage of the beer I realized that I preferred the high fermentation for the fruity and intense aroma that were emanated. I decided to follow this type of fermentation rather than the low one. I was inspired by the English and American style and I focus on the improvement of the recipes that I would use in the brewery”.

6 beers, 6 labels…a great variety of meanings and perfumes like acacia honey, hops, resins, orange skin, red fir barks, coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

  • SAN LORENZO 4,9% vol.
    Golden Ale, golden colored, it has nice malty aromas on the nose, a slight acacia honey scent and an extra fine hop fragrance. AII this flavors can be identified on the palate too, where they are intertwined with a slight hoppy taste, balanced and deliberately restrained.


  • QUADRO 6,4% vol.
    lnspired by the Belgian Saison with a wonderful bouquet of flavors, such as sweet orange peels, coriander, gentian root and fresh horseradish. The wheat’s freshness can be perceived on the palate, followed by a dry and persistent bitter aftertaste.


  • OBICE 5,2% vol.
    lndian Pale Ale. lt’s an amber colored beer with resin and orange peels flavors can be immediately perceived on the nose. lt leaves a medium-bodied taste on the palate with a slight caramel aroma, which is intentionally quickly replaced by a persistent but net too dry bitter aftertaste.


  • MOSAICO 5,8% vol.
    Amber coloured beer, fermented at high temperature, refermented in the bottle, inspired by the American Pale Ale. Non-pasteurized, unfiltered, with tropica I fruit flavours and a slighty bitter taste.


  • ABETE 5,4% vol.
    Extra Special Bitter with intense fruity flavors blended with caramel and malt scents. Caramel notes can also be identified on the palate, but they are quickly replaced by a complex and well balanced bitter finish.


  • TRIFOGLIO 5,6% vol.
    High fermentation dark beer refermented in the bottle, inspired by the Oatmeal Stout. Not pasteurized, unfiltered, with hints of coffee, chocolate and vaniIla.

Birrificio Barbaforte
Via XXV Aprile, 51
38064 Folgaria (TN)
Tel. +39 335 6936486