Fort Belvedere-Gschwent

Fort Belvedere-Gschwent is one of the largest Austro-Hungarian mountain fortresses of the First World War in Trentino, perfectly preserved and entirely visitable. It was a strong defensive structure against the Italian army.
Inside the fort, a museum includes an updated exhibition dedicated to the local and international repercussions of the First World War.

Thanks to its multi-media tools and an interactive path, the fort emphasizes the topics of the conflict and both adults and children can be aware of what these territories experienced in the past.

Through different sounds and pictures, the interactive path illustrates the daily life in the fort, taking into consideration soldiers’ experience of fighting.

Artillery shells, commands, voices, noises and light-signals in order to communicate with the nearby fortresses. The military works animated by the sounds want to underline the choice between peace and war.

It projects a series of dynamic signs, pictures and animated evidence with voice-over giving the possibility to better understand the reality of the fortress, its history, its function and the placement of the buildings.


A modular sequence of interactive installations is a special system of personal guides, presented through the projection of significant everyday life moments: the soldiers are full-scale silhouettes absorbed in different daily activities. The public activates the clips and is directly involved into the actions.

The howitzer, or “sonorous cannon”, was situated in the opening side of the dome. It transmits voices, commands, comments, coughs, breaths and artillery shells. It creates a very emotional and captivating atmosphere.

The installation evokes the optical telegraph used during the Great War to communicate the Monte Rust observatory.
The visitor turns the table in directions of another fort creating flashes of light toward the receiving station.

A display reproduces slowly the figure of a witness during a conflict, while a voice-over narrates pieces of letters and diaries. Backlit bright flashes of light simulate blazes of the machine guns whit the background sound of a series of gunshots.

An unique perceptual experience combines the natural beauty of the landscape of the Val Astico and the poetical enchantment of some historical and literary works recited by two female voices.

Fort Belvedere-Gschwent offers didactical activities and workshops about the conflict of the First World War for groups and schools.

It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing and shoes inside the structure since in some areas there could be drafts and moisture.
Recommended minimum age for children from 8 years old.

Forte Belvedere-Gschwent
via Tiroler Kaiserjäger 1
38046 Lavarone (TN)

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