Winter fortresses

Discovering the historical fortresses of the Great War of the Alpe Cimbra

Under the supervision of General Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf, seven forts known as the “Emperor’s Fortresses” were built between the Cima Vezzena and the mountains around Serrada. The Fort Dosso delle Somme, Sommo Alto and Cherle – San Sebastiano were used to defend the Folgaria area.
"Forte Cherle"
It comprised two blocks, one for the casemates and one for the batteries, which were connected through a corridor. It was built near place Prima Posta at 1445 m as a blockade of the Folgaria Plateau.
The fort featured four domes for 10 cm howitzers, fifteen 8-mm M 07/12 machine guns kept in armoured casemates and vertical armoured shields, two 6 mm M 10 cannons
in the counterscarp fort and two 10 cm M 12 howitzers in the “Traditor” battery. The garrison comprised 5 officers and 128 soldiers.
Right at the outbreak of the war, the fort was heavily bombarded by the 280 mm Italian batteries located on Mount Campomolon.
"Forte Dosso delle Somme"
It was the most technologically advanced fort, and the Austrians used to call it “Werk Serrada”.
On May 15th, 1916, it was from Fort Dosso delle Somme that the preparatory artillery shooting of the so-called Strafexpedition (spring attack of 1916) started out.
Due to its size, it was one of the major Austro-Hungarian defensive structures of the whole front line.