04.01.2019 - The setting is the eighteen holes golf course in Alpe Cimbra (a rarity in Trentino), a wonderful location surrounded by wide spaces that evoke the Northern European landscapes, during a sunny day at the end of July.
Folgaria and generally Alpe Cimbra own unique features that is hard to describe in a few words. It is a sort of genius loci that shapes everything, starting from the natural environment. Even the Golf Club seems to show the purity of nature, with its terrain, great views and grass perfection; nothing appears artificial. The truth is that the hand of men intervenes with mastery and professionalism. In this amazing location, two big ski athletes of the past have met to talk about themselves, to have fun and to entertain, in a sort of amusing challenge full of humor and self-criticism. This entire scene is filmed by some cameras of Rai Trento and followed by a drone, a special flying camera able to “spy” what’s happening from up above.
Who were these two famous champions appeared in Maso Spilzi as two normal players? Easy to tell: one is Paolo De Chiesa, unforgettable slalom racer of the Valanga Azzurra - Blue Avalanche and technical commentator of the alpine skiing World Cup circuit, working for Rai TV for 25 years.
The other one is the jumping man, the one who always does acrobatics and who is a specialist in Downhill and Super G. His name is Kristian Ghedina, a cheerful and tightrope walker person. Two champions in every sense: full of humanity, honesty and loyalty. These are gifts owned by many popular athletes, in particular of the individual sports, where the athlete plays solo and he is ready to do his best with no excuses to use to blame someone else in the team.
Sport is part of their DNA and even if De Chiesa and Ghedina do not wear their pectoral plates anymore, they remain their main reason to be and act. It is very emotional to see the enthusiasm brightening up their eyes. They are two champions in both sport and life. They accepted the invitation to meet us on the green in Folgaria to become the main characters of the TV program.
Paolo has a long experience in playing golf and he is the President of the Sestriere Golf Club. He is a great golf player and he has optimum handicap. Kristian shows an enormous excitement, he has a strong will to face his rival even if he is aware that De Chiesa has a better technique.
They are great friends but they maintain an extraordinary agonistic sense. It is easy to see their desire to do their best while having fun and congratulate with each other for the good shots.
The day has started in the living room of the Maso Spilzi Club House, where the two of them told their personal life stories, including not only the triumphs and successes, but also hard times. As the Arabian Phoenix that can revive and become stronger than ever, these athletes can push its strengths to the maximum point. Sport shapes personality and manners. Sport does not keep one far away from the others, but instead it creates solid friendship bonds and a sense of community.
We have personally seen on that unforgettable July 26, that De Chiesa and Ghedina, while standing on that green stage, presented a double vocation: the golf passion during “good” seasons, and the skiing one during winter times.
The green in Folgaria is the figurative mirror that reflects the personality of our main characters. They are able, indeed, to love ski as much as golf, but also other sports, always where it is possible to stand on a splendid scene of action as the special one in Folgaria.