WATCH OUT: champions on the tracks!

30.11.2018 - Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey trained very hard on the Salizzona in Fondo Grande.

"I got up here accompanied by my dog Lucy. The trails in this area are excellent and above all well prepared. We have tested new materials and I must say that I have had a positive response, good feelings."

She smiles to the fans and the children of the elementary school… it is the moment of the selfies and autographs. The greatest female athlete of the skiing World Cup meets with journalists at the press conference where she sometimes reveals her shyness, her being a coherent woman.

Theodore Sharp Ligety
 known as Ted
born in 1984: Pure Giant driver

“We have done a great job today on a very interesting track” says Ted after the training on the Salizzona slope... And when these words are spoken by a great champion like him, we have to believe. For the record in his palmarès 2 Olympic gold medals, 5 World gold medals and 5 giant slalom World Cups.

When do dreams come true?
A few years ago, we would not imagine to seeing these top athletes training on our slopes. Although we believe in dreams we wouldn’t dare as much. The motto We can though inspired us and we start believing that hard work, passion and determination might led us to achieve some important goals. Today the slogan has become Just do it thanks to the people who believed in it and supported us. With them we will continue to dream ... even more! In March 2019, the FIS has confirmed another important event: the Women’s Europa Cup Finals will arrive on the skiarea...and then?!