Ski mountaineering in the magic of the Alpe Cimbra #travelnotes

A mix of adrenaline and wellness on the Alpe Cimbra

Ski-mountaineering is an ancient sport that was originally practised by the Scandinavian people in the past centuries to move around and explore new lands. In winter, equipped with seal skins, you can nearly touch the sky of the Alpe Cimbra.
Ski-mountaineering on powdery snow, a wonderful view and the trees covered with snow offer an almost magical atmosphere that will reward you for the effort required by the altitude gain, which is not excessive.
From the car park near Malga Zonta (1543 m), start the easy ascent with your seal skins on, passing Malga Melegna and moving onto the track that leads to the peak.
Now the worst is over! Not far away, you will see the cross of Monte Maggio. Once you reach the top, you can really say wow!! What a magnificent view! All your efforts will be
rewarded by an all-round view of the Alpe Cimbra, Brenta Dolomites, Asiago, Pale di San Martino, Monte Grappa and Marmolada out towards the Venetian plain. Truly breathtaking.
After a short stop for the usual photos on Monte Maggio (1860 m), take off your seal skins and go down the first stretch of the ascent ridge (30% slope); then descend in parallel with the road onto the cross-country trail and go back to Malga Melegna (1598 m) for a short break to charge your batteries.
Cross the road, put the seal skins back on and go up over the snow-covered fields to Malga Piovernetta (1604 m). Past the alpine dairy farm, continue along the run frequented only by the occasional ski mountaineers, and go on till the Monte Pioverna lift (1778 m); from here, the slope is less steep, and a nearly flat stretch will take you to Costa d’Agra (1821 m), from where you can finally go down, keeping to the right to find the “fresh” snow on the northern side.
Past Monte Pioverna, go down along the southern side, which will quickly take you to the car park.
Now you can finally enjoy your reward: a warming meal with a glass of red wine at one of the restaurants nearby.

Besides having a shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver, always carefully check the avalanche report and the solidity of the snow on the spot.
We recommend contacting our alpine guides if you want to try this experience.
Monte Cornetto di Folgaria is the classic destination for a beautiful, brief ski-mountaineering tour.
Since Monte Cornetto was reconverted to its natural destination as a wilderness area, more and more enthusiasts and off-piste lovers have been coming here in search of unspoilt areas to explore. Reaching the peak, at an altitude of 2070 m, is a remarkable achievement.
Starting from the car park of Costa di Folgaria (1234 m), go up along the old Cima 3 run, flanked by a wood of snow-covered firs and pines, offering a bucolic landscape that recalls northern Europe.
Once you reach the intermediate station, at about 1550 m, follow the ridge on the right into the wood, with the heady scent of conifers.
When you come out onto the old Cima 3 run, turn left slightly diagonally and head up to the clearly visible peak, at 2070 m. The final stretch runs along a short ridge, where you have to be very careful!
From up there, you can enjoy an all-round view of several massifs such as the Adamello, the Brenta Dolomites and, in the distance, the unmistakable Marmolada. To the south, you can admire the whole of the Pasubio range.
The descent is rewarding and safe all the way, and takes you along open slopes and through woodland back to the car park in Costa di Folgaria.