ROSSPACH VALLEY: powerful nature, hidden places, acient legends

30.11.2018 - Rio Cavallo (meaning in English Horse creek) is born from the Hydrographic Basin of the Biotope of Ecken, located in Costa - Folgaria. It is a small corner of uncontaminated nature and is the only Trentino biotope located above 1200 meters upon sea level. One of the highest concentration of water mills and sawmills in Trentino developed along its way between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries.

Emerald green shines along the entire path in summer and captures the gaze of the hikers. In autumn, the colors turn into the hottest shades of yellow, orange and red making
the environment even more fascinating. A natural chromo therapy coupled with the silence, nearly unnatural, that have the power to regenerate the mind of those who embark on this unique path.

The Rosspach Valley is one of the most evocative places of Alpe Cimbra to discover throughout the year. The part of the trail taking from the creek up to Guardia village, the sentinel of the Beseno castle, is challenging but is a must do. Guardia is a delightful mountain village known as the Painted Village, located only a few steps away from the suggestive Hofentol waterfall.

The legend of the Brava Part is the witch that used to live in a small cave in the Gon forest. She had a bad character and when she talked it was like she screamed and croaked. Grandparents used to tell that Brava Part aroused a certain fear. She became a warning to the reckless children willing to play in the “Lagon” and in the “Rosspach”. Through her scary voice she kept unwary kids away from the creek.