30.11.2018 - Martina Peterlini is very much attached to Alpe Cimbra through an incredible family story. Her grandfather Lorenzo – known as Montgomery – used to work as a ski instructor in Folgaria.

He started teaching in Fondo Grande and then he moved to Serrada, working for the ski school managed by the great director Antenore Cuel.

Martina’s grandmother used to work at the local hairdresser. Folgaria was the place where they met… since that moment everything be-gun and developed. During the following years, Marco and Roberto, Martina’s dad and uncle, descended from their first slopes in Alpe Cimbra and they later became ski instructors. The ski gene are in Martina’s DNA.

She learned how to walk on the snow and she started skiing at the age of three, watched and cared by her grandfather. She joined the Città di Rovereto Ski Club when she was a little girl. Paolo Cazzanelli and Renzo Alimonta were her amazing coaches. At about the age of 10 she entered the Altipiani ski team. There she met the coach Luca Gheser, that she followed when he moved to the Tezenis, now Falconeri ski team.

Martina built a strong bond with the President of the ski club, Angelo De Cesari, who had been very important in Martina’s development as an athlete. He supported her always not only when she was in the ski team but even now that she has joined the National Italian ski team. During the first year of giovani category, Martina was still a member of the Tezenis ski team and trained by Cristiano Bertoncello and Michele Bertoldi. The year after Martina entered the Comitato Trentino – the regional ski team – Mirko Deflorian, under the supervi-sion of technician Matteo Guadagnini, was her coach.

She won the National Special Slalom circuit during the 2016/2017 season which led her to automatically entered the Italian National team. In that period, she joined also the Fiamme Oro sport group in Moena, trained by Igor Cigolla and Michael Davare.

When Martina joined the National team, she had the lucky opportunity to get to know the technician Fabrizio Martini and the skiman Nicola Martini. They both helped and guided her towards high results in the European Cup and the World Juniores Championships. There is a special friendship among them too. Her great results launched her into the first group (Group A) of the National team, under the technical guidance of Matteo Guadagnini, the same coach that wanted Martina as a member of the Comitato Trentino team – regional team – a few years back.

As regards to her academic education, Martina graduated from Claudia de Medici high school in Malles, Val Venosta. During high school, she managed to study and train at the same time and she learned languages. Now, she is enrolled in the Faculty of Economics of Bozen University in the course Management of Tourism, sport and events. It could not be something else.

APT Alpe Cimbra is Martina main sponsor!