Magic Autumn... "Bohèksatar herbst" in the Cimbrian language

04.01.2019 - This natural spectacle has the power to rebalance the soul and nourish the eyes: it is like an open-air color therapy.

“The sky smiles at its turquoise laughter
though he feels the winter now near.
The forest jokes with yellow leaves
Though winter now feels behind it.
The stream churns with the mirrored sky,
Though it feels in the wave the first frost.
It has risen at the foot of a long, bony poplar
a strange flower, an umbrella flower, a mushroom.”
Marino Moretti

How can we not fall in love with the colors of the autumn leaves reflected in the crystalline Lavarone lake? Silence and relax are the key words in autumn in Alpe Cimbra.

Trekking is the best way to admire the colors of autumn, perhaps climbing the high peaks of Becco di Filadonna, Pizzo di Levico or Monte Maggio and, from here, to observe the astonishing view all around. Hiking is also the way to be immersed in the dense forest of the Alp and walk on a thick carpet of leaves and moss: for those who love barefoot walking, this is the best season to feel very energetic. If you combine barefoot walking with diving your feet in one of the many creeks, you will experience a natural Kneipp treatment.
For MTB enthusiasts, autumn is obviously still time for excursions. This is the season in which to discover Alpe Cimbra in a solitary way: the paths are less crowded than in summer, silence reigns supreme and it is easier to meet the inhabitants of the forest. So always, give priority to chamois, hares, roe deer and deer.

Autumn is served!

In autumn, the dishes turn with new colors: from the orange of pumpkins and persimmons, to the red of pomegranates, to the purple of grapes, to the thousand shades of brown of mushrooms and chestnuts, to the multicolor Trentino apples.
The restaurants and the mountain huts represent the right places to taste the autumn of Trentino. The speck is crispy, the salted meat is cooked on the grill, the steaming polenta is on the chopping board, the strudel is served with a warm vanilla cream and the honey accompanies the best of the local cheeses.. the Vézzena cheese, the king, to be tasted in all its seasoned variants!

Autumn Wellness...
After the heat of the summer and before the cold of the winter, our body needs to recharge its batteries. Our Wellness Hotels take care of it: give yourself a hay bath, a sauna with the master - the Aufgussmeister -, a honey or milk treatment...while tasting a good alpine herbal tea.