Luca Gheser with D-air® TO THE LIMIT OF REALITY!

03.01.2019 - You were born in the Silvano Gheser’s family, where skiing has always been the most important thing. A costant, much more than a sport or a passion. You became a ski instructor, a ski coach, and then you reached the top level, the National instructor. How did you manage to conquer the top qualification?
My biggest fortune is that I grew up in a family context where sport is life, more than performance. Movement and physical education have always been genuine, not forced. That has been fundamental to approach sport in the right way, as an athlete but also as a technician. I believe that the goals and satisfactions that I had are within everyone’s reach. If you are willing to arrive at your highest, you have to put effort and passion to reach what you are pursuing.

Your watchword seems to be “Never ever stop”! You follow indeed new incentives and new challenges. Today, you are busy in the development of a new D-Air protective system, created by Dainese in order to protect professional skiers in downhill and Super G. Is it complicated to transfer the sensations of the champions into technical inputs?
This new activity arrived by chance and I chose to take this opportunity that one of my friend offered me. I was in the right place at the right time. I was pushed by the fact that I’m getting old to practice sports at high level. I thought that this new job represented a new beginning, a new adventure. I have to admit that it’s not easy to “find solutions” in alpine skiing, there are way too variables, like different slopes, tracks, jumps, snow, rapidity. All these things imply different movement and thus different results. Dainese has a significant past experience and knowledge in motorcycling first, then male skiing and now in female skiing too. The company is focused on developing sophisticated systems aiming at improving security.

For how long technology and research could change performances?
It is well-known that speed has increased in every sector and this has happened and affected the ski world too. Many factors have contributed to it: a better use of high performance materials for skiing, better conditions of artificial snow, physical preparation that every year is superior than the previous one, and better skiing techniques that are constantly refined. Everything is moving and changing quickly. I’m convinced that security itself is pushing to pursue new limits. When an athlete feels protected thanks to the airbag, he keeps on passing the limit and fixing a higher one. The fundamental goal of Dainese is to help speed athletes to be safe and it will always work in favor of it.