“Fiabesca” exhibition: fables, fairy tales and stories of the Alpe Cimbra

The new exhibition of the Documentation Center of Luserna finally opened


The museum Centro Documentazione Luserna – namely Documentation Center Luserna, re-opened its doors on Monday, April 10th and can be visited every day up until November 5th.
The new exhibit “Fiabesca” is divided into two exhibition rooms: on the ground floor, a historical journey through the centuries telling the origins of fables, fairy tales and stories in four languages. A number of different studies in the past few decades outlined the link between the so-called “great collectors” of the past, such as the Grimm brothers, and the consequences of their collection work in our Region in the early twentieth century.
Special attention is paid to the tradition of storytelling in the ancient Cimbrian language, which treasured the tales of this land and Luserna. Furthermore, there is a screening of the “Lüsan-Ascolta” short films created by the Cimbrian Institute aimed at language protection.

The second part of the exhibit is set in the attic, where the settings and peculiar moments of fables, fairy tales, and stories are displayed just like real-life pictures, and animals are the true protagonists and thrill children.

Worthy of mention is also the exhibit “Felini delle Alpi” on the presence of the lynx and wildcat in the alpine area. It consists of an interesting project carried out in collaboration with dozens of field researchers, as well as some Italian, Austrian, and German museums, which allows visitors to get to know the two alpine felines through pictures, words, and videos.

Alongside the exhibit “Fiabesca”, many are the permanent exhibits on traditions, nature, and culture of this land. A room is fully dedicated to the art of lacemaking in Luserna, one of the most characteristic activities of the tradition of the village. An “emotional” room narrates the World War. With no doubt, the children’s favorite section is the one displaying the alpine fauna, with stuffed animals in their natural habitat. The museum has got many other exhibit rooms to discover!

From June 24th to September 3rd, do not miss the exhibition of Cimbrian artist Thomas Gasperi Knapp “Thomas Gasperi Knapp: l’altrove rivelato” in the art gallery Rheo Martin Pedrazza displaying his watercolor artworks.

From June 24th to September 10th, the Austro-Hungarian Forte Campo Luserna/Werk Lusérn will be open to visitors. Surrounded by the lush alpine forest, it is the arrival point of some theme trails that begin in the village and unwind through the woods of Luserna.

MUSEUM OPEN FROM APRIL 10TH TO NOVEMBER 5TH (EVERYDAY) from 10:00-12:30/14:00-18:00

Info: info@luserna.it – www.alpecimbra.it
+39 0464 789638