Emotions you feel... with your eyes closed

Alpe Cimbra, close your eyes... you will find me!


The Alpe Cimbra represents a real challenge, one that can only be conquered by uniquely extravagant sensations and feelings and, above all, far beyond what the gaze alone can take in. It may seem paradoxical, but we tend to close our eves in those special moments when, faced with beauty, our emotions are strongest. All the power of the Alpe Cimbra is contained within this highly instinctive and natural human gesture. It is not a place, but rather a genuine state of mind.

We close our eyes when we feel safe and when we know we can trust without fear. The Alpe Cimbra invites us to experience a great trust in nature: perhaps as our adrenalin surges on a climb, or perhaps as we sit and admire a snowy landscape in search of a serenity that, if we truly believe in it, will surely come.
We close our eyes when we kiss the person we love or when we embrace a loved one; we close our eyes when we pray. The Alpe Cimbra is a sacred place, one that deserves respect and one that can be contacted in an intimate and personal way: a place with which we slowly enter into symbiosis, a magical place where we can rediscover our own profound essence.
We close our eyes when we are afraid, in those moments when we gather the strength to overcome our fears. The Alpe Cimbra makes us feel like heroes: it is for the brave, for those who are constantly searching for new stimuli, for those who are not afraid to confront their limits and put themselves to the test in order to overcome them.
We close our eyes when we taste a dish that evokes in us memories and suggestions, closing our eyes to savour it to the full, without any distraction.
We close our eyes before a breathtaking panorama as if to protect ourselves from such wonders, or perhaps in an attempt to capture it and keep it in our hearts forever.

You too will feel the need to do this once on the Alpe Cimbra: you will fall in love with what you see, then allow yourself to be suffused by peace, by the throb of emotions, by adrenalin, by nostalgia. You will dig deep into your soul and find new impulses to face the world with new energy. You will do this with your eyes closed, because you know you can trust the Alpe Cimbra. You can be sure that the Alpe Cimbra will never betray you.

Article from 'Glance - Garda & More' magazine
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