Come and discover some of the itineraries on the Vigolana #travelnotes

Vigolana: a wonderful upland to be discovered!

"Rifugio Casarota" and "Spilech" Mountain.
Starting from the “Sindech” restaurant, follow the trail sign 442 and head straight into a bright red coloured beech coppice wood. Clamber up among larches and firs and stop at the memorial stone dedicated to Livio Ciola. Not far away, some chamois will be watching you, fearless and almost amused.
After little more than two kilometres, at an altitude of 450 m, you will reach the Casarota Alpine Lodge, where you can recover your energies with a fragrant Italian coffee and a tasty tart made by the lodge managers Lorenza and Paolo, while enjoying the breath-taking view of Lavarone and the surrounding peaks.
Your walk continues along trail no. 442, and soon reaches the crossroad with trail sign 432, from where it goes straight on towards Spilech. Follow the pleasant mid-mountain trail, encountering families of chamois along the way, and after one kilometre, with a total altitude gain of 620 m, the trail reaches the panoramic spot with the cross of Monte Spilech.
This minor peak of the Vigolana Group offers an almost fairy-tale view, and when the curtain of mist that often surrounds it lifts, you can admire the Vigolana peaks behind it, and opposite, the Marzola Mount, Lake Caldonazzo, the Valsugana until the Ortigara Group on one side and the Lagorai Range with Cima d’Asta on the other.
On the way back, you can stop at the alpine lodge and enjoy a tasty, generous typical dish before going back down to the parking area.
Without requiring any great effort, this itinerary offers extraordinary views, thanks to the delightful, unspoilt nature, especially in autumn when the contrasting colours and fauna make an appearance, and at weekends, you can enjoy the hospitality of the Casarota Alpine Lodge.

Other starting points to reach the Casarota Alpine Lodge and Mount Spilech:
–Frisanchi – trail no. 432 “dei pastori”
–“Valico della Fricca” – trail no. 439 “pralongo”

Departure: Sindech Restaurant carpark (1105 m)
Casarota Alpine Lodge (1572 m)
Arrival: Monte Spilech (1732 m)
Side of the ascent: E
Altitude gain: 620 m – Total: 1240 m
Duration of the ascent: 1.5 hrs. – Total: 3.00 hrs.

"Malga Derocca"
Since the Middle Ages, the life in the highlands has been closely linked to the territory, with the ‘malghe’ (shepherd’s huts) being the centre of activity for the ‘malgari’. They were their home for the management of livestock, but also for forestry and the woods exploited to feed the ‘calchère’ to transform wood into charcoal.
Rebuilt in 1929, Malga Derocca was the strategic support base for horses and donkeys grazing mainly, and represents a vivid picture of stories and emotions.
Starting from Vigolo Vattaro, nearby the parking where the trail 450B starts, follow the forest road across the forest of beeches, hornbeams and a few firs.
After about 3 km, at the ‘Verzer’ crossroads, we ascend along the 450B path, on a gradually steeper track, once used by ‘malgari’ (shepherds) with their donkeys and horses. The ascent is always sheltered from the light thanks to the tall trunks, but with stupendous ‘windows’ onto the Marzola, Lake Caldonazzo, and a view to the south of the Becco della Ceriola, the Vigolana and the Becco di Filadonna.
Our efforts are rewarded, after 900 metres of altitude difference, when the Malga Derocca appears in front of us in a clearing surrounded by a beautiful pine forest that inebriates us with its unmistakable scent.
Over time, Malga Derocca has become the base during explorations of the Gabrielli Cave and ascents on the northern slope of the Vigolana. Today, it is the ‘terrace’ from which to admire the Adige Valley with the Brenta as a backdrop, Lake Caldonazzo with the Marzola on one side and the Lagorai group in front, and of course our Vigolana rising majestically.

Other starting points to reach Malga Derocca:
2.Trail 444 e 445
4.Trail 446

Departure: Parcheggio Vigolo Vattaro (686 m)
Arrival: Malga Derocca (1622 m)
Side of the ascent: N
Altitude gain: 935 m – Total: 1872 m
Duration of the ascent: 2:50 h – Total: 5:00 h