Bike: Action destination

02.03.2016 - Flash back from the incredible and tough mountain bike competition along the fortified strongholds on the highlands of Folgaria Lavarone Lusèrn. The trail reveals at every turn, every dip, territories and breathtaking views, and not only... The long race interests all three highlands, but less demanding trails are also planned.

The 100Km is a test, a race in the race, a unique match competition! Participate! For a biker it has become a must, because it means to race side by side in a high technical level sporting event. Where you live adrenaline sensations, where the finish line is only one of the targets! Strongholds: are the outposts of the First World War that we pass. And stronger... we have to be in this competitive challenge. DON’T MISS IT!

Save the date: June 10-11-12, 2016 #100kmdeiforti