Be Inspired

29.01.2017 - Everything changes, takes shape in a winter monochrome.

We are amazed! It is an introspective moment, made of reflection.

We become characters in a fairy tale, drawn in the images of a book to read to children.

Why get out?

What a beautiful moment for time to be stopped briefly, that our equestrian stroll had no end!

That the abundant snowfall veneer on everything, every hardship, that everything be turned into pure white, in this same ancestral light, absolute, unable to project any shadows!

In the folds of the land we see the path back toward the stables of Folgaria where we started from.

The branches of the larches and firs seem to want to hold us back at all costs, but we can not: the spell is about to end.

With our palm faced upwards we wait that a flake after another will settle on it gently.

Before the crystals melt by the human warmth we recognize the structure and the characteristic star shape.

Each flake looks different from any other in size and shape.

People say that the simplicity or complexity is regulated by variables from atmospheric moisture and temperature.

A ray of sunlight comes out to glance over the hill and so many others.

A pat at the reins and Susi, my sweet horse of Nordic race, will go and continue the invisible way home.