Back Country: the thin air of cross country skiing

04.01.2016 - There are two techniques: classic and skating. In the first the skis remain parallel, as the skier strides straight ahead, while with skating, also known as freestyle, you ski with the skis apart in the center of the trail. The speed is much faster: it seems almost to fly. One however doesn’t exclude the other and the common part is the physical exercise: a real panacea, regenerating both body and liberating the mind. It is kind of an open-air gym.
For those, however, who desire to continue a usual sport activity, maybe made in the chaos of their city, oh well! There is nothing better as this discipline with the air up here; beyond belief. Here, you breathe with a turbocharger, the air is so pure and sparkling, comparable to the freshness of a huge “Sailamenta”.

The preferred clothing is technical, the equipment very light and not felt! Remember to choose the right skis for one or the other technique. For the classic the undersides of the skis have a grip section in the middle treated with a special ski wax that provides friction when the foot is still, yet glides when the foot is in motion, while the rest of the ski bottom has a glide wax. For freestyle the Skis are waxed with a glide wax over their entire length, making them faster and the sticks are slightly taller. Some basic knowledge is a must to better address the over 100 km of trails available on the Alpe Cimbra.