Sentiero dell’acqua (The Path of Water)

The protagonist of this path is water, the water that flows in the stream Astico (“Astrach” in Cimbrian).
Setting out from Carbonare square, follow the signals and walk along an easy path that reaches the stream, continue on the trail that runs long the stream up to the peculiar village of Cùeli.

Along the way and close to points of interests, boards explain the long history of the life of the stream and the activities of the humans.

You can find the archeologic site of Cógola, which tells the history of the ancient hunters of the Palaeolithic who came to the stream Astico to quench their thirst and to fish. Then, the description of the mysterious mill “Porta del Leon”, equipped with a workshop, of which only the ruins remain; the water sawmill of Erdardo and the “Calchèra”, the old furnace utilized for the production of lime.

In Cùeli, the wonderful mill Cuel with its bread oven. At this point, the stream tells its most beautiful story.

The mill is open to visit Saturdays and Sundays in summer season. Leonarda and Lucia greet the visitors, and tell all the secrets of the family’s mill.

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