Maso Spilzi

Costa, Folgaria (TN)
Located in the beautiful village of Costa, 2km from Folgaria, Maso Spilzi was owned by the rich Spilzi family during the second half of the 18th Century.

Maso Spilzi is today a unique example of settlement of the Alpine region: a combination of a noble residence and a fortified complex. The different buildings arise around a courtyard protected by high walls with a suspended walk on the west side. On the door of the old hayloft, today an exhibition hall, it is still possible to see the signs of the old drawbridge.

Therefore, Maso spilzi is not a traditional “maso” immerged in one of the most beautiful walks of the area.

Today, the Eastern building hosts the Club House of the Golf Club and the elegant Bar-Ristorante Maso Spilzi. The 18-holes Golf Court was inaugurated in 2014 and extends in an area of 5,472 m.

Tel. +39 348 1442703