Il Giardino Botanico di Passo Coe - Passo Coe Botanic Garden

It is unusual to find a botanic garden at 1600m above sea level. On the slopes of Mount Maronìa, on Alpe di Coe, however, the botanic garden is a peculiar protected area where floral and vegetable species of the Alpine environment are exposed.
Thanks to the didactic routes, the garden reveals the varied beauty of the mountain. It articulates in theme paths that take the visitors to discover the characteristics of the Alpine nature: flowers, trees, berries, bushes and more.

Plants grow on small cliffs and rocks, fields and pastures, fir woods, ponds and screes, all included in their own natural habitat.

Officinal, eatable and poisoning plants collected in flowerbeds tell the story of old habits and superstitions of the mountains; whereas the buckwheat, barley, potatoes and cabbage are examples of the ancient traditional food of the Alpe.

Passo Coe Botanic Garden is not only about botany, but also about geology. Indeed, it is possible to observe the results of karstic phenomenon like dolinas, karst fields, and fossils.


The garden is open to visitors from June to September, from 10am to 5pm.
Throughout the year, guided tours are organized for schools and groups.

Organised by Fondazione Museo Civico di Rovereto

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