Base Tuono

Base Tuono represents a unique exhibition in Europe about the Cold War (1949-1989). It is located in Passo Coe, very closed to the lake of Passo Coe and to the center of Folgaria.
Missiles pointing up into the sky, hangar, fortified bunker, electronic wagons, radars and terreplains evoke the “equilibrium of the terror”, representing the tension between the west and the east side of the world.

The guided tour lasts one hour and starts with an historical introduction about the period of the Cold War.

During the first part of the tour, the National defensive missile system, the dislocation of the bases and their operations, the Nike-Hercules missiles and technical features of the system are illustrated.
In the central part of the tour, the main topics are radars and electronic wagons. Wagons protect many devices such us computer, tools for the management of radars, the communication devices, the systems of the electric war and the control panel for the launch of the missiles.

The last part of the guided tour takes place inside the big hangar, where there is a Nike-Hercules missile equipped with inspection windows, which allow the observation of different internal components. Big illustrative panels show the geopolitical situation of Europe during the Cold War.

The guided tour finishes in the underground bunker, where the launch sequence is illustrated.

A short corridor, two armored doors, a narrow dark place with an electronic panel full of lights and push-buttons in the middle.
It is the SP Panel, or the “Section Panel”. The guide invites everyone to be quiet and, thanks to the activation of a push-button, the control lights for the launch of the missiles turn on. Voices, orders and countdown start until the..Missile Away!

Base Tuono is a site of interest for schools and groups

Base Tuono
Alpe di Folgaria – Coe, SP143, 16,
38064 Folgaria TN

Mobile phone: +39 348 1943926