Salizzona ski slope

With a difference in height of 312 m. and a length of 1006 m. the Salizzona track has always been the stage for great giant and slalom races. 
In 2016, two European Cup competitions were held on this ski slope. 

It is a challenging red track, with a high sloping incline that makes it technical, but not excessive, particularly suitable for exciting carving turns.

Tecnoalpin snow making cannons, the best in the Alps, are set at regular distance one form the other along the track so that they guarantee top performances of this ski slope. 

Skiers who decide to challenge this track -suitable for mid-advanced skiers- will be accompanied, from the top to the bottom, by a breathtaking panorama (an easier ski slope is also available). 

The mythical Salizzona track offers you the chance to ski surrounded by history: nearby there are several fortresses of the First World War.