Didactic farms

The didactic farms on Alpe Cimbra (Trentino) reveal their ancient secrets. Find out how animals live, food production and the old jobs of the people living in the mountains.
Your child will have a lot of fun discovering the farming activities, meeting cows, sheep and horses; and learning how to prepare cheese, “tasting” farm life.

Secrets to uncover, moments of happy adventures and fun, knowledge and learning.

The password is “learn by doing” because a direct experience creates knowledge and education… on holidays like at school, but school in a fun way!

A rich program of activities and educational workshops connected with the rural environment, you children will learn how to prepare butter and ricotta, and to milk. They will take the goats for a walk and will create wonderful objects with wood, wool, hay and everything that Alpe Cimbra offers.

Here are the didactic farms on Folgaria, Lavarone and Lusérn:
Azienda Agricola Maso Guez
Maso Guez is a dream, a wish, a seed planted in our beloved earth in summer 2014 when everything still seemed like a game.

Maso Guez represents the will to live and to make the others live the traditions of our territory, such as the art of farming on the green pastures and on the paths where our ancestors had walked.

Why Maso Guez?
“Huer le Guez!” (“Listen to the goats!”) since we were kinds we’ve been listing to the voices of our ancestors speaking “slambrot”, our old language: “huer le guez, sluma le guez!” (“Listen to the goats, look at the goats!”) Everyone would smile when thinking about these curious but spiteful animals that we chose as companions for our work and our lives.

Here, in Maso Guez, your child can live the adventure of trekking with a goat-friend, and learn how to play with them thanks to Serafino and Andrea, and discover all the hidden corners of the farm.

Opening: spring-autumn

Maso Guez
Via Lega Nazionale, San Sebastiano (Folgaria)
Cell. 392 6904866
Facebook - Maso Guez
Azienda Agricola Maso GuezAzienda Agricola Maso GuezAzienda Agricola Maso Guez
Azienda Agricola Soto al Croz
At Azienda Agricola Soto al Croz in Lavarone, children and youngers can personally understand the treasure of a practical experience, by practicing and reviving simple moments of farming activities that have to be valued and kept alive.

Lots are the activities at the didactic farm for families and little ones:
  • Meet and become friends with the animals
  • Life in the farm
  • Let’s make cheese
  • Let’s create a small souvenir
  • Cheeses’ tasting
  • From the barn to the furnace

These and many more are the appointments waiting for you in summer.

Azienda Agricola Soto al Croz
Via Thiene 14, Lavarone
tel. +39 0464 783588 - Cell. +39 339 5613802
Facebook - Azienda Agricola SOTO AL CROZ
Azienda Agricola Soto al CrozAzienda Agricola Soto al CrozAzienda Agricola Soto al Croz
​The life of the mountain pasture

Your holiday on Alpe Cimbra is full of adventures, discoveries and experiences, mostly for children! Because a holiday on the mountain pastures doesn’t have boring days in plan… on the contrary there is so much to do: cattle rearing, milking, cheese making, curry the horses, feed the donkeys and much more! Would you like to help us?

Barns and “malghe” open to the world by involving guests (children, youngers and adults) in the daily work, the environment, the traditions and the farming culture. You can be part of a simple and authentic reality.

Test yourself in new agricultural activities, observe ancient professions, discover the production chain of milk and, thanks to support of qualified operators, get to know the plants, the animals and the products of earth.

An intense program of educational activities and workshops connected with the rural world developed to improve your territory’s knowledge will accompany you during your stay… so to promote the professions and the artisanship among new generations and the society to re-discover our roots.